Mercedes 230 SL

** Tailor made by Mercedes-Benz **


There are many interesting facts about this particular 230 SL "Pagoda" but the 5 most important for sure are:

1. Mercedes built around 49.000 Pagoda's and only 820 of them were equiped with the ZF 5-speed manual transmission....

2. Only 50 ( ! ) Pagoda's entered the Kundenwunsch division, therefore this car has a 2nd datacard showing a tailor made interior….

3. Completely restored and driven only 2.500 kms since it rolled out of the workshop….

4. Desired Euro version, matching numbers and Original factory colour scheme….

5. Delivered to 1st customer directly from the Sindelfingen production plant….


General Specifications

Delivered new in Germany (Saarbrücken)

Data card I issued 25.05.1966

Data card II issued 18.07.1966

Chassis 017125

Colour Code 180 "Silbergrau" Metallic for body - hardtop - wheelcaps

Colour Code 1505 "Cognac" for seats - doors - dashboard - steering wheel - roof cover

Colour Code 2445 "Darkbrown & 6143 "Darkgrey" for various interior finishes 

Option Code 230 for ZF 5-speed manual transmission

Option Code 232 for different (longer) rear axle ratio

Option Code 279 for public authorities sales

Option Code 720 for soft top fabric black


If you are looking for a very special and 1 of a kind Pagoda this is your car.

She's exceptional & fascinating both in driving & admiring.

The complete restoration was carried out by Rock 'n Roll Classics in Belgium.

An absolutely great job was done and we are more than happy to show you the files with 500 + photos.