WARNING: Only 308 examples were built between 1986 and 1989 (chassis 63277-83137)

That means these GTB Turbo's are not as exclusive as a 500 Superfast but they come very close!

Just look at it! Isn't she just drop dead gorgeous??

From whatever angle you look at her, you start considering to hang her on the wall as a piece of timeless artwork don't you?


This car has it all. It's a Ferrari! A Ferrari from the Eighties. 2 seats no more. V8 in the back. Don't need power steering. ABS OK. Manual shifter yes please. With a Turbo wow! No Targa issues. Clean Pininfarina lines. Rosso Corsa..... Where's the key please?

Oh yes and you can drive this Ferrari for free as it is a 30 + year old car! 


     * Sold new through Official Ferrari dealer PARAUTO s.r.l. in Genova

     * First registration on 27.01.1989 to Signore Rapetti Giuseppe of Acqui Terme

     * Second registration on 25.11.2008 to Signore Oscar Capponi of San Remo

     * Third registration on 19.06.2014 to Signore Alberto Mantovani of Concordia sulla Secchia

     * Fourth and last registration in Belgium on 29.04.2015

     * Presented today with only 41.000 registered kilometers in love-to-have condition


Large history files available - extensive technical make over executed in Italy in 2014 with amongst others revised gearbox & differential & new startmotor - cooling sytem & radiator upgrades - well known car at Toni Auto - the overall impression feels that this is well cared for Ferrari with eye for detail and passion. Probably one of the best Turbo's available on the market today. Formerly owned by Turbo expert Alberto Mantovani, editor of the newly published book 'Le Turbo Otto Cilindri' (see picture) - Of course all books, tools & keys are present. ASI Gold plate. Digital logbook with many information on it's Italian life documented with scans of invoices, general paperwork and photos of all important repairs and events. Belgian valuation report available from 2015 (see picture).


This sale of this car includes general maintenance with renewal of the timing belts and

technical car inspection for immatriculation Odtimer / Classic Car.

Private sale. € 72.000,00

** Of course she had a good time in Italia ** 

Video check at        1:09            5:27            8:43        

At Toni Auto Maranello in 2014