De rode draad in mijn bedrijf is de aankoop en verkoop van historische automobielen uit de jaren '70, '80 en '90. Maar ook voor de traditionele en alledaagse 2dehandswagen kan u bij mij terecht. Ik ben enkel geïnteresseerd in correcte en schadevrije auto's bij voorkeur van 1ste eigenaar. Ik kan per direct van u inkopen of doe beroep op mijn netwerk dat ik heb kunnen opbouwen in mijn voorgaande 25-jarige carrière binnen de automobielsector. Voor kwaliteit en correcte business ben ik graag uw partner in het streven naar een win-win voor elk van ons.


SUPERFAST is a small and enthusiastic company dealing in old-but-not-forgotten & fascinating automobiles.

Born from a true passion for the design and driving characteristics of these "pre-Bluetooth" cars I focus on a honest and accessible, quality inventory.  You will not find a car on this website that doesn't let my heart beat just that little bit faster. The product needs to be much more than just a car. I extensively drive my old cars and improve them to the best of my possibilities.

After all, I believe that this is the only way to fully understand the emotion, character and quality of the product.


My Classic Car Selection is driven by 3 crucial elements:

- As close as possible to factory original specification

- Documented ownership history as detailed as possible

- Both technical and optical in a no-worries condition


I fully own all the cars and work completely independent. I don't deal with consignment sales unless the quality and story of the product is extremely good and the relationship with the actual owner is trustworthy in every sense.

For the technical side of things I can rely on a decent network of mechanics that have the right expertise for every specific model.

Feel free to make an appointment in 3920 Lommel Belgium to discover and talk old cars and everything that surrounds them.

I like collecting car memorabilia and old motobikes as well. You are welcome! And just remember, very important,  get out and drive!


Wij spreken Nederlands - We speak English - Nous parlons Français

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