Ferrari 348 spider 

Just look at it! Only produced in 1993 and 1994 with 1.090 examples the Spider shares the same upgraded 320 bhp engine of the second generation 348's: the 348 GTB & the 348 GTS.  The 348 in general has such a strong identity and is from miles away recognizable not only as a Ferrari, but also as a 348. Pininfarina did a great job here and didn't have to find inspiration in other models whatsoever. Together with the Testarossa a new style was introduced which stands out from everything else. Remember, never before were those horizontal door lines and typical rear lights seen on any other Ferrari. A masterpiece of design back in the day and still today a great sign of Italian flair if you ask me.


A blue Ferrari, una Ferrari in Blu Sera...!!

Chassis 98316 is delivered new by the famous and historical Garage Francorchamps and moved pretty quickly to France and Spain as all the invoices and general paperwork tells us. The car is completely factory original, only the exhaust is of an upgraded stainless steel system. This 348 drives as good as she looks and she really is a hot shot in her triple blue topless configuration!



October 2005: Specialist in France: large maintenance including new exhaust system

Detailed invoice available 5.200 Euros

July 2006: Specialist in France: regular maintenance

Detailed invoice available 3.400 Euros

April 2014: Specialist in Spain: large maintenance including timing belts and head gaskets

Detailed invoice available 4.300 Euros

September 2019: Specialist in Belgium: large maintenance including timing belts, waterpump and fuel lines

Detailed invoice available 2.600 Euros

May 2021: Specialist in Belgium: regular maintenance

Detailed invoice available 3.000 Euros

July 2022: Specialist in Belgium: large maintenance including timing belts and new fuel pressure regulators

Detailed invoice available for 9.000 Euros

Further on also in 2022 the car received a complete "sticky interior" treatment and was professionally repainted in the correct shade of "Blu Sera Metallizzato FER 504/C".


French Inspection Sheets Contrôle Technique:

2002 with 27.000 kms

2006 with 35.551 kms

2009 with 42.205 kms

2010 with 42.682 kms

2011 with 42.709 kms

Spanish Inspection Sheets Contrôle Technique:

2013 with 45.058 kms

2014 with 45.629 kms


Included in the sale are:

- All above mentioned invoices + several old documents of importance

- Original Ferrari pouch with 348 spider instruction book and flashlight

- Complete Schedoni toolkit 

- 1 original key and 1 custom made key in 925 Sterling Silver

- Cancelled French Carte Grise with Belgian import document E705


Consignment Sale on behalf of the actual private owner