Unique Carrelages

Meeting Jacques in Paris in 2010

Frenchman Jacques Grelley lived in Dallas, Texas, most of his life and was a true petrolhead from the golden age.

As a young spectator he witnessed the catastrophic accident of Le Mans '55. But 6 years later he was a pilot at the famous 24 Hours race winning his class in a DB Panhard....  He could count Juan Manual Fangio and Maurice Trintignant to his personal friends and established over the years good relationships with sportsmen and collectors worldwide. 

As he was a huge collector himself of original racing car posters he managed to obtain copyright on some of them. 

These images where hand carved and hand painted on Italian ceramic tiles and resulted in a fantastic little piece of decorative art. We have a very limited stock available;

- Non-framed 60 x 90 cm (12 tiles)

- New condition with signed Certificate from Grelley

- Fixed price, only 300 Euros

- Make your choice:

    "Bugatti"                                                "Riverside GP with Ferrari 250 TR"                            "Santa Monica 1912"